Utilizing Facebook Stories for Your Business in 2021

Mar 2021

Facebook launched its Stories feature back in 2016, hot on the heels of Instagram’s incredibly successful Stories launch. The feature is focused around Facebook’s in-app camera and can be used to share a short user-generated photo or video collection. 


So how is it relevant to your business today? Last year, Facebook Stories had over 500 million daily active users


Facebook Stories has easy-to-use features, a great viewing location on the News Feed, and the opportunity for your business to reach new audiences. Let’s take a look at how Facebook Stories can benefit your business.


Grow Your Reach


Over the past few years, organic reach has decreased on the platform due to Facebook’s de-prioritization of marketing-based content on users’ News Feeds. Facebook Stories could be a great opportunity for your business to reach your audience in a new way and grow engagement and impressions.


Facebook Stories are displayed right at the top of the Facebook App, which is prime real estate for businesses trying to catch their audience’s attention. Also, the adoption rate is still low enough on Facebook Stories that it’s not a crowded space and you can stand out from competitors.


Create Content That Increases Impressions 


One of the biggest questions people have when it comes to creating content for Facebook Stories is whether they should create original content or simply repurpose their Instagram Stories


Once you link the two accounts, you can set up a feature called crossposting which will allow you to post your Instagram Stories directly to your Facebook page. Crossposting can help you to reach new audiences and increase your distribution.  


When you utilize the crossposting feature, you can study how your Facebook audience is reacting and engaging with your content. For example, you may notice that your Facebook audience is watching your Stories for a longer period of time than your Instagram audience. Or, you may have better engagements on some types of content over others. This could prompt you to experiment with creating new content specifically for your Facebook audience.


As you start creating original content for Facebook Stories, you may want to entice your audience on Instagram or other social channels to check it out. By posting a teaser on Instagram, you can lure your audience over, promoting growth on your Facebook page and creating more impressions on your Facebook Stories. 


68% of people say they use the Stories feature on at least three apps regularly.


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