How to Successfully Market Your Law Firm

Mar 2021

Successfully Market Your Law FirmMarketing your law firm in an ever-evolving digital landscape can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. It can also be a costly endeavor so it’s important to put your time and money where you’ll see results! Keep reading to learn how digital marketing can nurture leads that contribute to the success of your business.

Think Local

Local SEO is one of the strongest strategies that a law firm can implement and is often neglected. Don’t underestimate the measures you can take to reach your local target market by implementing a few simple local SEO tactics.

Use Testimonials

Testimonials and case studies are a great way to instill confidence in potential clients. Many firms dedicate a whole page to quotes from clients praising their services. Furthermore, having positive Yelp or Google Places reviews benefits your business in many ways, but two stand out. Good reviews help prospects find you through organic search, and good reviews legitimize your services. If you have a great relationship with your clients, don’t miss the opportunity to use their words as a resource for your business. Ask them to leave a review or kindly request an honest testimonial to post on your website. 

Showcase Awards

Testimonials and case studies are not always possible due to the legal aspects of client anonymity.  In this event, award badges are a great way to showcase your prestige and establish credibility. Many law firms post their awards on their home or About pages. Make sure to display these awards in a prominent place on the website that receives heavier traffic. 

Educate Potential Clients With Blogs

Thought leadership is best demonstrated through blogging on your website. Use your blog to address problems faced by your clients and show that you can provide trustworthy solutions. You can use keywords and best SEO practices to help these blogs show up in search results and bring valuable leads to your website. 

Create Mobile-Friendly Websites and Newsletters

Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide.  For this reason, it’s important to make sure your website visitors have a positive user experience regardless of the device they’re using. If your mobile users are having a poor user experience, it is likely they will not follow through with any call to action. This is also true for newsletters. Always test new landing pages and e-blasts on mobile before moving forward with your campaigns.

Utilize Video Content

There are a lot of benefits to creating video content for your law firm. Videos can be effective in countering negative perceptions about lawyers and educating potential clients about your specialty practice. Videos are also a great way to make a good first impression and highlight the qualities that position you above the competition. This content can be featured on your website, blog, ads, and newsletters. Establish a personal connection with potential clients through videos that introduce the team and speak about the dedication to your practice areas. 

Think Outside the Box

There are no rules that say that lawyers have to be confined to traditional marketing tactics. With more media outlets than ever, it’s especially important to think bigger and ask how you can turn your firm’s specialty services into content for other social outlets. Lawyers like @lawbymike have made successful TikTok accounts addressing topics applicable to their practice. Other law firms like Calfee have created podcasts where their partners give advice on topics that their clients frequently ask about. 


Over 1/3 of potential clients start their attorney search online.

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