Marketing Ideas We Can Take From the Music Industry

Apr 2021

Marketing Ideas We Can Take From the Music Industry

The music industry took a big hit in the last year. As cities shut down, so did concert venues and access to any live events. Even now, a full year post-shutdown, live concerts, tours, and shows haven’t quite made it back. In order to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, music professionals pivoted and turned to digital tools like Facebook to reach their fans. Here’s how they’ve upped their marketing efforts and how your business can benefit from a similar strategy.

Video Streaming

In the summer of 2020, Facebook added more business page options that allowed artists to house a video library on their own pages. For the first time, fans no longer had to leave their favorite social channel to watch licensed videos elsewhere. This expanded video library can help enhance your business’s customer reach as well. 

Using the strategy many musicians have adopted, you can use your video to connect with your audience and maximize your content by including a mix of recorded videos about your services, products, or people, as well as leveraging Facebook live sessions to show your team in action, and tease upcoming announcements.

Fan Groups

Staying connected with fans is a huge part of the marketing strategy for musicians. Since they have been unable to see fans in person, their social media profiles have become their main tool for communication. Instead of just responding to fans on social posts or in direct messages, many artists have created thriving fan communities through Facebook groups. In these private groups, like-minded fans can communicate with each other and the artist or group they love. You can create this same community feel by using Facebook groups for your business.

Think about your customers and why they come to your business. What are their major pain points? Who else are they looking at in your industry? How have they benefited from services like yours? Your company’s Facebook group works as a hub to ask all of these questions. Give your audience an opportunity to learn from each other and rally behind your brand. You will work as the moderator. Your goal here is not to sell your products or services but to instead build authentic relationships with your customers and future clients.

Virtual Events

Zoom and watch parties have become normal events in our daily lives – especially for music professionals. Because venues are not available to host in-person events, many artists and bands are choosing to offer a virtual interaction instead. These virtual concerts and events give fans exclusive access to their favorite bands from the comfort of their own homes. 

Even if your business doesn’t host concerts, virtual events are still a great tactic to consider. Maybe your business wants to partner with a charity to support a local initiative? Maybe you want to provide a live Q & A session with experts in your industry? Creating a Facebook live event or even hosting a webinar is a great tactic to engage with your audience, answer questions and get feedback in real-time.

We can learn a lot from the music industry about how to adapt your marketing strategy and continue reaching the right people. Tactics like video streaming, virtual events, and private Facebook groups are ways your business can keep your content fresh and stay connected with your audience.

megaphone93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

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