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Dec 2016

After capitalizing on the popular Moments feature on desktop last month, Twitter is now allowing users to create their own Moments slideshow feed directly from their mobile device!Twitter Moments

Meanwhile, Snapchat is proving its vertical video formatted ads and new 3D interactive filters are not a force to be reckoned with when it comes to its latest installments. Plus, Facebook is giving advertisers a new way to reach and engage audiences with Instant Games!

These are this week’s trending stories in the news.

Snapchat Vertical Video and 3D Filters Bring New Life To Campaigns

 Shell Global took its #MakeTheFutureHappen campaign, highlighting the ideas of tomorrow for energy renewal and consumption, to Snapchat’s interactive ad platform.

The company reformatted one of its popular videos and optimized it for Snapchat’s vertical ad platform, allowing users to toggle through concepts from six different artists.

In addition to Shell’s latest ad, Sony Entertainment affiliate Screen Gems recently took Snapchat’s filters to a whole new level with a newly launched 3D feature.

The feature uses smartphones’ gyroscopes to create an entire 3D world for users to immerse themselves in the promotion of the film Under World: Blood Wars.

What did you think of the latest 3D filter?

Facebook’s Instant Games Brings New Life To Advertising

 Move over Xbox and Playstation; there’s a new gaming platform in town!

Facebook has recently launched a new interactive gaming feature for users called Instant Games, which allows for game play directly from user’s smartphones.

Users access the games instantly by clicking on a controller shaped icon found at the bottom of the Messenger app. What does this really mean for advertisers? A new platform for reaching and engaging with audiences.

Pepsi is an early participant on the platform, with Pepsimojii.

Facebook’s newest Instant Games feature is already proving to be a great way to drive and extent consumer engagement! How will you use the latest feature to add more drive your social campaigns?

Twitter Brings Moments To Mobile

 Twitter is giving users a new way to share their favorite memories, tweets, photos and video with its latest rollout, Moments for mobile.

The latest feature will allow mobile users to compile a slideshow of their favorite activities on Twitter and share them with their own followers for an entirely new experience.

Adding a Moment has never been easier, with users simply having to click on a gray arrow next to any of their composed tweets to instantly add anything to their Moments feed.

If you have yet to implement the power of Twitter moments for your own Twitter feeds, there has never been a better time than now!

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