Why Dwayne Johnson Rocks On Instagram

Dec 2016

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a heavy lifter in real life and on Instagram. Give him a follow, @therock, and you’ll see what we mean. As a verified Instagram user with close to 80 million followers, The Rock is someone to take note of when looking at successful Instagram profiles.


Source: @therock
Source: @therock

Solid as a Rock

The Rock features a consistently balanced combination of video and photos on his channel – the ideal blend for the platform! You can count on him to post amazingly different content that keeps his fans and followers alike surprised at what comes next. You never know what to expect with his video posts. They could be movie fight scenes, lifting weights or laughing with other celebrities like Kevin Hart. It’s your guess as to what come next – but one thing is for sure, it is content fans want to see.

His photos feature himself suited up for awards, gracing the cover of People magazine, or lifting insane amounts of weight! He highlights all aspects of life whether he is acting, lifting, or enjoying family time.


Source: @therock
Source: @therock

Rock ‘N’ Roll

With close to 80 million followers, you may think The Rock has overlooked you. Wrong. He is including his fans in his Instagram party!

On Halloween, The Rock shared a few of his fans that dressed up as him sharing, “Here’s just a few who embodied my DNA this weekend for Halloween. Preciate the luv, and you all are clearly gonna get a lot of candy.. and stuff.”

Instead of making his Instagram solely about himself, he gives back to his loyal fans too.



Source: @therock
Source: @therock

Classic Rock

Just like a hit song can appeal to diverse audiences, The Rock creates classic content that reaches the masses. Like a battle royal in the squared circle, he brings together a wide range of fans from foodies and wrestling buffs to those star struck by Hollywood celebrities and even those ladies with a little bit of a crush with a single post! Even a photo and a comment about a couple of hamburgers while waiting for a UFC fight tapped into several audience sectors and got massive engagement.

So how can your business learn from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Switch up the sharing of pictures and videos but also keep in mind the audience that you are trying to connect with by using this content. Acknowledge your fans by featuring their pictures or giving them a shout out. Focus on appealing to more than one type of Instagram user by posting content that will appeal to a variety of people.

Follow The Rock, and take note on how to step up your own Instagram game. And, for more social media tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Facebook!











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