The Secret Gold Mine of SEO Ranking: LSI Keywords

Aug 2017

The Secret Gold Mine of SEO Ranking: LSI Keywords

SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. There are an incredible amount of factors that will affect where you rank, and it’s a rat race to keep up with them all. SEO for your business’ website is vital to get and retain traffic.

Long gone are the simple times of the more, the better. Being strategic about your SEO approach will take you further up the results page than stuffing your page with nonsense keywords or links. Focus first on quality content, but there is another factor that many websites aren’t yet utilizing – enter latent semantic indexing or LSI.  


LSI keywords are the word phrases pertaining or related to your primary keywords.

Utilizing LSI is a way to make clear what your blog or webpages’ content is concerning. In essence, they help Google get the meaning of your content and thus can rank it accordingly. Further than that, though, LSI keywords will increase your visibility across the board. They’ll help to increase your relevancy and drive traffic to your page.


A simple way to implement LSI keywords is to do a quick search for your primary keyword.  For example, if you were writing a blog about responsible elephant rides in Thailand – your main keyword would be something like “ethical elephant Thailand” to find your LSI keywords – scroll to the bottom and see the popular related searches.

After gathering your LSI keywords – use the most relevant word phrases and add them to your content. Remember that meta-descriptions, images, and tags also correlate with Google’s SEO rankings.   
The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore things like categories, alt descriptions, and headers. Be thorough and detailed in your placement as well. Remember, overall your content reigns king. Quality content will trump any SEO strategy.

Did you know you can increase organic traffic by as much as 106% by simply refreshing and recycling old blog posts with new content and images? Time for some updates!

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