5 Ways Your Business Can Develop Effective Video Content for Social Media

Aug 2017

5 Ways Your Business Can Develop Effective Video Content for Social MediaIt’s no secret that video is everywhere. With a quick scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, you most likely watch at least one video a day thanks to one of the greatest social media features ever: our BFF, Autoplay. As a business, we know that you are always looking for innovative ways to stay on the forefront of social media trends. When it comes to social media trends, it seems that video is here to stay considering experts predict that video will make up nearly 80% of all Internet and social media traffic by the end of the decade.

As a brand, it’s important to harness the power of video to outshine your competitors on social media. So, what is the right formula when it comes to company video creation? Here are some great tips to craft meaningful videos that are sure to captivate your social media followers:

A Strong Opening Matters

First impressions matter – even with video. With more people shifting to scrolling through their feeds on their mobile devices, your business will only have a few seconds to reel a customer in to watching your video content as it plays in their feed. Make the most of this opportunity by choosing a vibrant image as your thumbnail or use a catchy phrase if you’re broadcasting live to encourage your target audience to watch and listen to what your company has to say.

Sound Isn’t Always Necessary

For the busy Facebook user scrolling quickly through their feed on their lunch hour, they may miss out on some of your audio when using the autoplay feature. But, don’t worry because your business can still convey a stand-alone message with or without sound. Plus, using strong visual to craft a message will intrigue your viewership and encourage them to turn up the sound, so they don’t miss your message.

Shareable Content is Your Friend

Social media consumers love content that solves problems, answers a frequently asked question or provide helpful tips. Your company can capitalize on this by creating short, sharable videos that inform and educate your audience. Social media followers are likely to share video content that resolves a common issue, and the more shares your video receives, the larger your reach will be. Plus, the number of shares a video receives is a great way to gauge its success.

Short and Sweet is the Key

Social media moves at a rapid pace, so your video only has a few seconds to grab the attention of a customer. When it comes to Instagram, businesses are more likely to lose the viewer if the video is longer than 15 seconds. Shorter is always better. Try cutting up video content from longer videos for social media into smaller segments that answer questions or provide a great tip. With video, include your call-to-action earlier in the video, so your followers don’t miss it.

Resourcefulness Always Helps

Your company’s social media manager doesn’t need high quality or expensive video equipment to reach your target audience. Your social media manager is more likely to capture compelling content through live video on a smart phone. Do some research and get creative with props and filters.


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