The Power of Organic Content Marketing for Law Firms

Dec 2020

The average consumer sees about 5,000 ads per day, making it easy for them to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Your law firm can stand out from the noise of paid advertising by growing your audience organically through content marketing. However, there is more to this strategy than simply writing a few social media posts per week. 

Your firm needs a brand identity behind the messaging that is compelling enough to capture a prospective client’s attention. More than this identity, you need a strategy that will drive leads and results. But where do you start? 


Research What Your Audience Is Searching Online


You may be an expert in your field of practice, but do you know what your audience is searching for online? You can start by researching the demographics of your audience as well as their frequently asked questions and keywords. You should know your audience’s wants, needs and pain points inside and out so that you can directly address their issues and offer your expertise as the solution. This information will set you up for success as you incorporate this knowledge and messaging into your content. Don’t forget that this research is an ongoing process—it does not end here. 


Create Content that Targets Your Audience


Once you have done the initial research, you can begin creating content for your firm’s various platforms, including social media posts, blogs, podcasts, videos, email marketing and more. You should incorporate the messaging from your research (keywords, frequently asked questions, common search terms, etc.) so that your content is more likely to rank higher in Google search results. This practice will help strengthen the SEO on your website as well. 


Distribute Your Content with Relevant Links


After you create your content, you can distribute it on your channels with related links to your website. The landing pages that you send visitors to should be optimized to drive conversions and provide the next steps. This is where you let your content grow organically, allowing your audience to spread your message to others. 

Compelling and engaging content looks different for every firm, so you should express what makes your firm and your employees different from your competitors. By sharing useful content and resources for your audience, they are more likely to trust you with their case. 


Measure the Results of Your Strategy


The last step in the cycle of organic content marketing is to measure your results. If you see that your posts are getting little to no engagement, it may be time to reevaluate your strategy and do more research. Don’t be afraid to start over if your content is not performing well, but give it time to grow before you scrap your hard work. How much traffic is coming to your website from social media? How many new followers or impressions do you have? Are your blogs ranking highly on your website? You should ask yourself these questions and more as you look through your insights and analytics to determine the success level of your campaigns and content. Then, you can problem solve and create a new or modified plan to move forward. 


Why Blogging is an Essential Element of B2B MarketingLaw firm content marketing generates conversion rates that are six times higher than those from other strategies. 

If you need help generating conversions from organic content marketing, our team of storytellers and marketing strategists can help. 

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