The Key To Your Success|Social Media Help Desk Episode 88

Jan 2020

New rules for Facebook’s Messenger App, why using keywords are crucial, and getting that coveted blue checkmark on Instagram – Host and Content Editor Tiffany Lundberg, Senior Web Designer Angie Smith and Junior Content Editor Kayson Martin explains in Episode 88 of Social Media Help desk. 

In The News (1:10-5:14)

What’s new in the world of social media? Did you know Facebook is creating new requirements for its Messenger App? For many businesses, Messenger has become an important tool to connect with customers across the globe. Twitter is taking the initiative to personalize your experience on its platform and better engage users. Why it could help more people find your business. Plus, YouTube created an easier way to solve copyright claims. The new features you can expect. Kayson will explain how it all works.


Importance Of Key Words (5:17-8:55) 

Next, we’ll dive into the importance of using keywords in your copy. You can be a great writer but without keywords, you most likely won’t get the results you’re looking for. Keywords are crucial when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website. Angie will breakdown their connection to SEO and the magic number you should be adding to your copy.


Getting Verified (8:55-13:41)

Finally, have you noticed those little blue check marks next to some Facebook and Instagram profiles? A checkmark means a person or business has been verified, which differentiates those accounts from others that haven’t undergone the process. It’s essentially letting people know your Profile or business is the “real deal.” The process to get verified differs between Facebook and Instagram. I’ll explain how you do it and what you’ll need before you start.


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