Instagram Tests Desktop DMs, Facebook Sends Login Notifications, and LinkedIn Adds New Features

Jan 2020

Two weeks into the new year and changes are flowing from popular social channels. In the news this week, Instagram rolls out testing for direct messaging for desktop, Facebook will begin sending notifications when you log into third-party apps with your Facebook account, and LinkedIn adds three new features for building better relationships with your connections.


Instagram is Testing Direct Messages on Desktop 

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Instagram has taken their desktop experience up a notch by revealing that they are now testing direct messaging for desktop users. If you frequently use Instagram for your business on desktop, this is going to be a great new weapon in your arsenal for communicating with customers. DMs are used to communicate socially or professionally, which is only available via Instagram’s mobile app.

This is great news for prominent users who have requested to add website DMs. At the moment, Instagram has not released a date for large-scale implementation, but a lucky few will be testing this capability out until then. 


Facebook to Notify You of Third-Party App Logins

Facebook has made efforts to recover after their privacy policy scandal, forever reminding us to be wary of the privacy settings on any platform we’re signed onto. Their new feature will send notifications to users who use their Facebook accounts to sign-in to third-party apps. 

This will allow people to have more control of their data and stop abuse by editing or revoking permission to access their information.


LinkedIn Adds 3 New Features

LinkedIn has introduced not one, but three new features for you to grow your presence on the professional network. The first of LinkedIn’s new features allow you to post on the homepage share box and switch between your personal and business profiles. This means you can seamlessly post to both channels from one place.

Do you use Facebook Live?  Have you hoped LinkedIn would expand to allow you to interact  live with your connections? Your wait is over. LinkedIn Live launches, and it will be available for all users. Admins will be able to test out the live stream prior to going live to check its capabilities. LinkedIn statistics reveal that brands already using LinkedIn Live have reactions go up 7 times more than normal, and comments increased 24 times.  That’s a real engagement boost.

Lastly, LinkedIn is making it easier to grow your following on your company page. The platform is now allowing admins to invite connections to follow their page, including first-degree connections! Don’t get too crazy with the invites; admins are limited to 50 invites per day.


Will you be taking advantage of any of these three features?  


LinkedIn now has over 30 million companies on LinkedIn with 20 million open job listings.


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