The Importance Of Snackable Content

Sep 2018

As a content editor contributing to the KWSM blog, I was given a simple guideline: Keep it between 350-500 words. With a world of topics I could

Chips and Dip

be discussing, I spent the morning brainstorming over a cup of coffee. What could I possibly write about that hasn’t yet been covered in the 166+pages already on our blog? I reach over for a bite of my asiago bagel. “That’s it!” Snackable content.

Readers Are Hungry.

There are a lot of ways to break down social media success. Clicks, impressions, engagements, and much more. Whatever your KPI is, in the end, it all really leads to one word: Consumption. Is your audience going to make the decision to go for your content over someone else’s? Will that interaction be meaningful enough to make a difference? Readers are hungry, and they want to be fed information that’s not only relevant to them (i.e. Properly targeted media), but also packaged in a way that’s easy to understand. The way you make your posts stand out from the crowd isn’t by writing a novel disguised as a status update, but rather, cutting to the chase. People don’t always have the attention span to spend their day feasting on your site, but they certainly can give you a few valuable moments of their time – which can be the difference between lead generation and missing the mark.

What Makes A Post Tasty?

Like the food world, social media is competitive. If you’re entering a drive through, chances are, you’re not willing to spend twenty minutes waiting for your order. You want to pull up, pick up your meal, and be on your way. Satisfied. Shifting perspective, Facebook and similar platforms, are the drive through. Make sure you are able to publish communications which satisfy your readers without taking up too much of their time. You likely aren’t the first organization vying for a specific group’s attention, and you definitely won’t be the last one either. In this ever-changing landscape, it’s key that you write posts that speak to your target audience, but don’t leave them waiting too long for service. In short, I’ll leave you with this: If you only had a few free moments in your morning, what would you reach for? Be the bagel, not the banquet.

Here at KWSM, we simplify the content creation process for our clients through continuously reinventing the wheel. Finding new ways to improve efficiencies and streamline the process – So you don’t have to. If you’re interested in learning more about topics like increasing your blog’s readability, or just want to brush up on your social media skills, we welcome you to check out some of our other articles.

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