The Importance of Consistency on Social Media

Jul 2021

ConsistencyWhen representing your brand on social media, you must be consistent when it comes to sharing content. Your followers want to know what’s going on with your business and enjoy seeing timely updates. Therefore, consistency is key when it comes to representing your brand. It shows your customers that you are involved and engaged when utilizing social media. 

Provides Followers With Timely Updates 

In showing consistency when it comes to your brand’s social media, sharing timely updates allows your audience to stay in the loop about your brand and products. Followers want to know what is going on with your brand and appreciate knowing that they will be updated when there is news or exciting announcements! In addition, staying consistent with updates shows that you are in control of your social media and that followers can rely on you to keep them aware of anything and everything regarding your brand. 

Provides an Impact on the Platform 

If you have not been consistent with posting, followers will often forget they even follow your brand on social media. It is important to leave a lasting impression on your followers and post on a regular, recurring basis, especially when millions of brands are present on the same platforms as you. You must be doing things to stand out when it comes to what you’re sharing. As they say, consistency is key. 

Increases Engagement with Followers 

Your followers want to feel heard. They want to know that you value them as a follower and are interested in their opinions. When consistency is the main goal in sharing content, your followers will then partake more in conversation, comments, likes, and shares. This increases the traction on your account and also further builds your motivation for consistency! 

Did you know that 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services?

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