The Couch Potatoes Get Glued

May 2011

When Foursquare went mainstream and became popular, the couch potatoes had a lot to complain about. What were they to do? How were they supposed to participate in the fun? How do you check into something from your La-Z-Boy?

GetGlue had the solution to their problem. Based out of New York and named one of the six new promising companies by Mashable, GetGlue is a leading social network for entertainment with over one million users, 100 million data points, and a reach of 30 million via Facebook and Twitter. That’s a lot of couch potatoes.  The mobile app works with 50 major entertainment companies and is a way for users to check into shows, movies, games, books, artists, topics, music, sports, and celebrities. A profile can be created by linking either your Twitter or Facebook account and once it is created you will asked to rank your favorite forms of entertainment which will help generate recommendations and earn you some initial stickers (which are like the badges earned on FourSquare).

While there is competition from other entertainment check-in apps like IntoNow, Go Miso, and ScreenTribe; GetGlue beats the competition with their unique stickers and exclusive partnerships with the major entertainment industries. If users check into a movie on opening night, they are awarded with a limited sticker. Users can earn stickers by checking into shows, artists, etc. frequently. There is no guide on how to unlock each sticker (however some are easy to figure out) which makes the app all the more appealing. A complete rundown of stickers can be found here. Once you earn 20 stickers, you can request them to be sent to you FREE of charge which is also another huge bonus. If you’re curious about what a GetGlue profile looks like, check out mine.

Couch potatoes, I call you all to action. Pick up that smart phone and GetGlued!

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