Santa Does It, You Should Too!!

May 2011

What could Santa possibly do that you should also?  He only goes out once a year, but you don’t meet those criteria.  He lives in the North Pole and hangs out with a bunch of elves.  We here at KWSM don’t know your personal habits, so we can’t confirm or deny that one; but we’re thinking that’s a negative.

Santa makes a list and you should too.  His list is for good boys and girls; your list is for twitter.

We’ll assume that you’re on twitter by now.  If you’re not then we’ll also introduce you to our friend the gas powered engine; it helps power a motored vehicle that transports you from place to place in a very quick manner.

A twitter list is a great thing for you to create because it’s a way for you to organize your twitter people.  You can create as many lists as you want to.  Your lists can be public, i.e. viewed by other people or private-viewed only by you.  The benefit to creating a list that can be viewed by other people is that those people can then follow your list.

Having people follow your list, in addition to following you, is great because that means that people think of you as an influencer, somebody who really knows what you’re talking about.

Another benefit to creating a list is that you can short list the twitter accounts that really matter to you.    How do people who follow hundreds or thousands of people actually connect with them?  They connect via those lists, which allow users to segment twitter accounts into any number of business connections.

Personally, I’ve got hidden and public lists for media, geographically centered to various parts of the country, different industries and many more.  If Green Lantern were on twitter he would have dozens of lists because they are only limited by your classification and imagination.   Hmmmm, did Hal Jordan create twitter….probably not.


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