Discover the World Around You with Trover

May 2011

Some women seek retail therapy at a mall, however if you’re a techie nerd like me you find a balance between the malls, electronic stores, and maybe even the app store on your phone. Every week (and sometimes while waiting in line for my coffee), I find myself perusing my iPhone in search of the latest greatest app, checking my iTunes newsletters to see if I missed something, and silently screaming when I find something I’m really excited about like Trover.

Trover is a new kind of social network – think of it as a visual diary of your adventures.  If you see something you like, you can use Trover to document the discovery, add helpful tags, and a few notes on what’s so great or not so great about it. Upon launching Trover, the GPS will locate you and show you pictures of what other “trovers” have discovered. For example, I just learned there’s a really cool trail behind my favorite coffee shop and I was able to see the photos posted by the trover, add some comments, and bookmark the selection for use later.

To begin using Trover, you will be required to connect your Facebook account which is currently an issue with many users however they did say it was a “social” network. Once you discover something, you can select whether or not to share on Facebook or Twitter or leave the discover within the app for other users to find. You can also follow other Trovers, find your friends, or invite friends that might not be aware of the app. Trover is a free app and only available for the iPhone market with plans to expand onto the Android network soon.

What discoveries will you make with Trover?




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