Team-Building Strategies for Remote Workers

Jul 2020

As COVID-19 quickly changed the workplace to a work-from-home environment, team building has become a challenge mounted against remote teams. Whether your team was well-connected before quarantine started or not, connections between coworkers are essential to employees’ happiness and drive at work. 


At KWSM, we have strong leadership that communicates commitment and passion for our work while expressing ideas and goals for the future. This kind of bond and communication allows the team to feel comfortable and supported, and our passion for our work is fueled by mutual encouragement and group strategies.


Our team has been able to remain close and connect with new team members throughout our nearly 4 months of working remotely because we continue to put in the effort every day to further grow our team’s connection. There are a number of activities that can help establish team relationships that are fun and practical. A few of our favorites are listed below. And remember. You are not doing an activity just to do it, but rather, you are working to create bonds between coworkers – which leads to better work and a happier team! 


Group Activities


An easy way to start team-building exercises is to break the ice with quick games at the beginning of group video calls. Some of these games could include highs and lows or two truths and a lie. Another game we love called ‘Secrets’ requires everyone to submit an anonymous secret, such as a crazy experience, activity, or movie you enjoy, and the rest of the team has to guess who the secret belongs to. 


Other group activities that bring people together include team happy hours, virtual escape rooms or other online games, and open communication channels like a Facebook group or a Slack channel.


One-on-One Activities


Team-building is not limited to group settings. Your team should be connected on more personal levels as well, similar to how connections form between coworkers who work in a shared office space. Virtual coffee breaks or lunches are a great way to start conversations in a natural setting. Another idea our team planned is a white elephant gift exchange. As people are separated physically, these intentional gifts can help the team connect and help everyone feel supported. 


When you reinforce positive values and communicate well with your team, collaboration and drive will follow, even when your team works from home. Once your team begins to establish a bond, geographic locations and time zones cannot tear that connection apart. 


Did you know that an engaged team of coworkers will show 21% more profitability? 


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