Taking KWSM’s Team-Oriented Core Value to a New Level Through Mentorship

Apr 2020

Team-oriented is one of the core values of KWSM. We often work on projects collaboratively and rely on each other to do our best work. But we take team-oriented to a new level with our KWSM Mentorship Program.  I partnered with Senior Digital Marketing Strategist and KWSM Training Manager Taylor Lizura to up-level my knowledge about creating successful Facebook Ad campaigns.


My favorite part of being a Marketing Solutions Manager at KWSM is removing the overwhelm for clients by listening, understanding, and coming up with a digital marketing plan that works.  Most of our clients outsource their digital marketing to us because they feel overwhelmed by the choices and don’t have a clear plan on how to advertise and market their businesses online.  At first glance, the Ads Manager in Facebook is complex and you can see why without a plan or guidance clients may not know where to start.  


Here are a few things I learned about Facebook Ads from Taylor that can help you make creating ads more approachable and effective:


Have a Plan 

The choices and options become much easier when you understand your audience and what you want them to do as a result of your ad. Taylor took me through an exercise our team uses to better understand the target audience, their core values, and how to craft a message to reach them.



Designing a Facebook Ad Campaign

Now that you have all the information you need to create your ad, you have a better understanding of the options to choose in the ads manager. It’s helpful to have these things figured out as you start to set up your campaign:


  • The type of ad you want to run. There are a lot of options, but the two most common and effective are ads to drive traffic or engagement.  
  • Creative assets like graphics, images, or video to display in your ad. 
  • Next steps. Whether it’s a form, landing page, or opportunity to
    buy or register for something, you have to give the audience direction once they click on your ad.

Targeting, Testing, & Tracking Results

Once you have the basics, you start to see the power of the Facebook Ads platform and how exceptional the ability is to target your audience.  You can create several different ads that reach different audiences based on gender, location, behavior, and interests. You can also try out different offers or calls to action on your ads to see which ones perform the best.  After you start your ad, you can track the results and make better choices in the ads you run. And, the data this provides helps you understand your audience and what they respond to.

But What Can Facebook Ads Do For You?

You may be thinking, is it worth it?  Having Taylor as my mentor gave me a deeper understanding of how much thought and creativity goes into creating successful Facebook Ad campaigns.  Would it be worth it if you could…


  • Reach and engage with your target market?
  • Expand your audience and awareness of your brand?
  • Launch new products, services, or initiatives?
  • Grow your following and generate leads?


If the answer is yes, then Facebook ads are worth experimenting with for your business. If you need help, the KWSM Team is happy to provide a free audit on your current ads campaign and give you some advice and direction.


What Can a Mentor & Partner Do For You? 

This mentorship program allowed us to invest in each other so each of us have more to offer to our clients. When we share what we know, we can save each other from the trial and error that comes from learning and trying new things. We also can test what we think we know to find out that there might be another way or a simple trick to maximize our work.  Team-oriented is not just about our team at KWSM, but becoming a part of our clients’ teams and creating exceptional results. 


Wendi Liechty
Marketing Solutions Manager

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