Social Media Marketing Tips for Orange County Businesses During Hard Times

Apr 2020

Whether your Orange County business is working as an essential business, operating remotely, or it’s a restaurant only accepting take out orders or deliveries, your marketing strategy for the next month may still need to change from its normal course as the County continues the Safer-At-Home mandate. Here are a few tips for posting during times of crisis:

Stay Positive

It is important to do your best to maintain a presence online that is positive and encouraging. With so many news feeds filled with breaking news and posts of fear and concern, you can help to break up the chaos by sharing thoughtful quotes, positive news articles, and anything else that can provide a beam of light during what seems like dark or uncertain times. It not only reflects your business as a professional and inspirational company but also can establish a new level of trust and confidence from your audiences as they remember how you handle difficult economic times. 

Be a Good Distraction 

Just because everyone else is posting about issues such as the coronavirus does not mean you need to as well! In fact, your audience may find it your unique and creative content as a nice break from the posts sharing the same things if you can share other things. We don’t mean that you should be insensitive to what is going on, but diversifying your posts can help keep your viewers engaged with new and exciting topics and articles. 

Provide Helpful Resources 

Being a good resource can help establish your credibility as a thought leader in your industry. For example, you can post tips about how those who work in your line of business can leverage working remotely. As a restaurant owner, you can share how you and other restaurants in the area are working together to better serve the community. In times of crisis, being a source of information can help others like you come together and find ways to help each other during times of need. 


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