Super Bowl Fans Flock To Instagram and Facebook, YouTube Live Debuts On Mobile, Twitter Launches Anti-Abuse Tools: Social Media Trends

Feb 2017

Super Bowl Fans Flock To Instagram and Facebook, YouTube Live Debuts On Mobile, Twitter Launches Anti-Abuse Tools: Social Media Trends
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The Super Bowl isn’t just for the big screen anymore! The big game has gone digital with a reported 64 million people watching and interacting on Facebook, and 44 million joining the fun on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Twitter is taking major steps to reduce ”trolling” and cyber-bullying, and YouTube is rolling out its live-streaming app.

These are the latest trending social media stories you need to know this week!

Twitter Tackles Cyber-Bullying

 Twitter is tacking action against cyber-bullies!

The platform announced new tools that will soon debut. The first launched just last week, giving users the ability to report abusive content by online bullies, even if they have already blocked you.

Another flaw Twitter is hoping to combat is the creation of multiple fake profiles, made by users with intent to maliciously bully others even after their prior profiles have been flagged.

Additionally, the platform will be introducing safer search results, utilizing artificial intelligence to edit out offensive material that many users might find abusive.

YouTube Goes Live on Mobile

 YouTube, one of the largest video sharing platforms, is taking on Facebook when it comes to live video streaming.

The platform has offered live-streaming via desktop since 2011 but now has expanded to allow live-streaming from mobile devices, a feature that Facebook has been pushing heavily with great success.

The more than 10,000 YouTube “Creators” will get an early preview of the live-streaming capabilities with a wider roll out coming down the road.

The feature is integrated into the app, making it easy to live-stream on a mobile device on the fly.

Are you looking forward YouTube’s latest live streaming feature? We sure are!

Social Media Is King When It Comes To The Super Bowl

 Were you one of the tens of millions to take part in the Super Bowl hype online?

Facebook has released its latest stats on the Super Bowl, and the numbers are staggering.

The report showed what a huge touchdown the game was – with 240 million interactions on Facebook alone and another 150 million interactions on Instagram.

The NFL utilized Facebook’s most popular features, such as Live-streaming, to keep audiences engaged and let them into the action on the field.

There is no doubt that social media is playing a major role in how we interact with one another during major events, and the Super Bowl coverage proves the possibilities are endless.

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