Strategies For Reopening Your Retail Business In Las Vegas

May 2020

Nevada small businesses are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. A second wave of small business loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration have made rounds, and Nevada has secured approximately $2 billion in loans for payroll and related costs.

The wheels are turning for retail businesses in Las Vegas, and government assistance has only amplified the importance of strategizing what you should do when you reopen. Avoid scrambling for ideas, and strategize ways you can entice customers to make transactions.

If you’re in need of inspiration, consider these strategies for reopening your retail business in Las Vegas.

Offer Enticing Deals

With many individuals impacted by the stay-at-home order, their discretionary funds may be limited and they will need enticing offers to generate transactions. No matter the industry, customers enjoy a good deal or coupon! If your business can benefit from a loyalty program, try it out and give incentives to repeat customers. 

Does your inventory need to turn over? Offer a sale to get people in the door. If sales are not possible for you at the moment, think about bounce-back coupons. Customers make a purchase at full-price, and are given an incentive to purchase again with a discount in the future.

Create Local Alliances

Partnerships are a great way for you to lift your business up and help out another local business at the same time. Consider asking the small businesses in your shopping center to create deals that keep customers in the same area for different experiences.

If you are looking for local resources to help your business, check out local advocacy groups for assistance. In fact, the Vegas Chamber held a special webinar on May 5th to give business owners an opportunity to hear from local politicians and health experts about getting their doors opened again. Ensure that your business is prepared with the proper resources.

Add Digital Marketing

Marketing your business online requires effort and time that you may not have once you reopen. Without a strong digital marketing strategy your business may not achieve the results you are looking for. Having an effective online presence can make a significant impact in decisions from online shoppers and customers searching for your business. Consider adding a digital marketing agency to your team to handle parts of your business, while you focus on the bigger picture.


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