Stay True To You: Keeping Your Brand’s Vision On Track

Mar 2018
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Think back to all of the decisions you made when you felt your best after making them – no matter what the outcome was. Generally, those are going to be the decisions you made when you stood by what you believed in, what you were interested in, or what was best for the journey you were on. This same ideology is true when it comes to your business. The best way to truly build your brand is by staying true to your brand’s voice, message, and overall aesthetic. It can be easy to look at your competitors, get stuck in the comparison game, and then try to copy their brand as a whole – whether it’s how they write, what photos they use, etc. However, leading your business down the path of copying someone else doesn’t produce an authentic image of your business, and it certainly won’t produce authentic results. Here’s how to change your thinking instead of changing your brand.



Get Inspired, Not Competitive


One of the biggest things to remember when you’re building your business is that there’s a difference between copying and getting inspired. Looking at your competitors can be a great way to get an idea of what like-minded businesses are doing, but it shouldn’t become the source of worry, stress, or comparison. This creates tunnel vision and stifles your mind. Instead, remember that every company has its own vibe, message, and services that are meant for the audience they’re targeting. What one business is doing to market themselves is not necessarily the right strategy for another business. For example, if you’re a yoga studio that prides itself on being inclusive, positive, and relaxing, don’t look at a successful yoga studio that has a more intense workout vibe/messaging and think that your business has to do that in order to be successful as well. When you stay true to what your brand stands for, you’ll have a lot more success at finding, engaging, and converting your audience.


Essentially, the key is to keep a healthy balance of looking at similar businesses for inspiration while staying in line with what your business is about. One of the best ways to do this is by taking note of general marketing tactics that they use as opposed to getting too deep into the details of their business. Whether it’s a unique offering or a successful giveaway, let these marketing tactics inspire you to create something new that fits with your business.


After you’ve mastered this mindset, learn how to actually work with other businesses in order to grow your own!




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