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Dec 2019

Social media for business is booming, and there’s no end in sight. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn have a proven track record for growing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and even bringing in new leads.

If your business’s social media presence is lacking, you may be considering hiring a social media consultant or an in-house marketer. While there can be benefits to either decision, there are far more advantages to contracting a 3rd party agency rather than bringing on one person, or even a team, internally.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency: 


Objective Analysis

It’s much easier for an outsider to objectively look at the big picture and identify red flags or opportunities than it is for someone who is working internally. Many business owners struggle with bias when it comes to things like competitor analysis, growth rate, brand image, etc. It’s an agency’s job to tell it to you straight! Is your brand attractive? What is working? What’s NOT working? How are you comparing to your competitors? An agency will give you an honest answer along with a plan of action.


Lower Cost

Would you rather have access to an entire team of digital marketing specialists or a single marketer? Do you already have all of the hardware and software to create and edit digital media? When you factor in the cost of salary, benefits, and associated resources, an agency contract offers more value per dollar than hiring a single marketing director,  not to mention hiring an entire team internally… To put it simply, hiring an agency is more cost-effective, especially if you’re a small to medium-sized business.


In-Depth Knowledge of Analytics

You may already have access to a wide range of analytical metrics, but do you know what those numbers mean? Even if you do, you still need a strategy to make them better in the next month. An agency not only offers content creators who develop engaging posts, but it also provides analysts who can explain their results with KPIs like impressions, reach, website traffic, and more. If the agency is really good (wink wink), they’ll dive deeper into what each of these numbers mean, why they are what they are, and how your strategy can be even more successful going forward.


Access to a Full Range of Digital Marketing Resources

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is the sheer number of services and resources they offer. Maybe you need help with social media management, but you also need your website to rank higher on Google Or, maybe you notice that your website is outdated compared to your competitors. The process of adding or removing services to your contract as needed is much simpler than creating new departments or hiring separate contractors for each project. 


Leadership and Innovation

Between unique platform algorithms, keyword trends, and platform-specific tools, digital marketing is truly an ever-changing industry. For your business to rise to the top in the digital marketplace, you need to stay informed about new updates and features that can change at a moment’s notice. You can try to do this yourself and run your business, or you can partner with a team of industry leaders and innovators who will do it for you.


Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials.

Do you need to start marketing your company on social media, but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been posting content, but can’t seem to get the results you want.

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