How To Make Your Video Content Stand Out In 2020

Dec 2019

As the digital marketing space continues to evolve, new methods of content delivery become available.  Refresh your strategy and content throughout the year to take advantage of the many ways your audience consumes media. For example, look at the TikTok phenomenon and its rapid growth. These short, entertaining videos have captivated users around the world and even businesses are noticing the benefits. It’s more important than ever to keep your video content fresh and engaging while telling your story.

Speak About What Matters to Your Target 

Are your videos getting to the point or are you talking in circles? One common marketing mistake is focusing too much on your product or service’s features rather than their benefits for the customer. What’s in it for your consumer and what solution are you bringing? To deliver this message effectively, you need an accurate picture of your target audience’s challenges and motivations. Once you understand their pain points, highlight the value of your business in terms of their specific situation.

Pro Tip: Add a custom thumbnail to all videos posted featuring a thumb-stopping picture or question/phrase.

Think Outside The Box

This one sounds easier said than done — but give it a try! It can be as simple as trying a new video format or utilizing a different platform. Don’t keep doing the same thing just because it is familiar, especially if you aren’t getting the engagement you want. Look for channel migration patterns within your target audience and shifts in their style of video consumption. Your audience may have been on Facebook in 2017 but could have shifted to Instagram and TikTok in 2019 — or maybe they prefer long-form videos now over shorter ones. Explore the other platforms where your audience congregates and watch the videos they are sharing. Refreshing your content may require an unconventional approach as the optimal video length, style, and format varies between social media channels. 

Create A Personalized, Interactive Experience

In a recent report, 43% of consumers said they want interactive videos allowing viewers to decide what information they view and when. Although personalization tools are nothing new, they could be making a bigger comeback in 2020. As you plan and create your videos, make an effort to go the extra mile with a personalized angle like user-generated content or interactive features like hotspots, 360 views, and quizzes. These tactics could give you an edge over competitors who don’t provide this type of experience for their users.

53% of Millennial consumers reported engaging with a brand after viewing one of their videos on social media.

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