Social Media Apps: The Most Popular of 2019

Dec 2019

Looking to add a new social media channel to your business’s marketing strategy? Apple has just recently published the most popular apps of 2019. We’ve quickly covered the list of the top 3 free social media apps with the biggest audience. The more users on the app, the larger the potential audience for you to market your business!

3. Snapchat

The bronze medal this year goes to Snapchat. Even with the growing use of TikTok this year, Snapchat still beat it to the podium. Snapchat had 203 million active daily users in Q2 for 2019. According to Snapchat, in the United States, 90% of all 13-24-year-olds and 75% of all 13-34-year-olds use their app. This has surpassed the use of Twitter and Facebook for US teens. It’s projected that the app will add 1.2 million 12-17-year-olds by 2020!


The image and video messaging app has maintained its success rate by developing new filters and interactive lenses for their temporary messages. In terms of utilizing the app for your business, Snapchat is still a great channel to market towards millennials and Generation Z. 

2. Instagram

Runner-up for 2019 goes to Instagram. The platform enjoys 1 billion total users and 500 million active daily users. Instagram has grown 10 times since 2013, and about 70% of its active users are under the age of 35. 


The incredible amount of active users is a great indication of whether your business should consider using Instagram. With the average time that users spend per day at almost an hour, it’s more likely your advertisements will be seen. About 80% of Instagrammers say they find many new products and services that they purchase on this channel. This means more opportunities for others to notice your brand! 

1. YouTube 

And the winner for the most downloaded free app of 2019 is… YouTube! It’s been reported by CEO, Susan Wojcicki, that YouTube currently counts 2 billion monthly active users. Why? It’s easy to use, and there’s a ton of content to watch. Every day, people watch a total of 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube. 


YouTube is great for businesses looking to grow, especially eCommerce, for about 60% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content. With 90% of people saying they discover new brands or products on YouTube, we highly suggest considering adding this channel to your marketing strategy. 


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