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Jul 2014
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Whether you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist or a fitness center owner, social media will help you position yourself as the go-to person in the fitness world. There are so many people jumping on the “get fit” bandwagon and fitness professionals have plenty of opportunities to utilize this and make a connection with potential clients or customers.

Here are three social media channels you can use as a fitness professional (and how you can use them):


The fitness wave continues to grow, especially on social media channels like Instagram. Being able to share your meals, daily activities and favorite products in the fitness world is a key component to sharing your story as a professional in the industry. Are you a personal trainer? Share a before and after photo of a client (with their permission of course) to show the results you created together with your training and the client’s hard work. Remember, photos with faces in them on this channel get 38 percent more ‘likes.’  Nutritionists can post a healthy and easy mid-day snack recipe. Don’t forget to utilize hashtags to get your post seen by a wider audience, which can potentially lead to an increase in followers.


Twitter is a great way to start a conversation. Use Twitter as your way to build credibility as an expert in your industry. Post at least four to six times a day (if not more, since the life of tweet is one minute.) You can post daily health tips, facts, interesting articles related to your specific field and it wouldn’t hurt to throw out a motivating quote or two. You are in an industry where people expect you to motivate them even when they are feeling less than impressive. Don’t forget to ask questions of your audience. You want to be seen as their source for inspiration and information. You never know – starting a conversation with an inquisitive user could lead to a loyal customer/client.


Facebook is an effective channel to find groups of people interested in your specific niche and to build a relationship with them. It’s best to post at least two to three times a day to be effective. As with all social media channels, it’s important to have a consistent voice. Are you quirky and witty or smart and serious? Know what your brand is about and stick to that while you are posting. Additionally, if you are a self-employed professional in the fitness industry, we don’t recommend using your Facebook account to promote your business. Make sure you create a Fan Page for your business. You can later invite certain friends that may be interested to ‘like’ your Fan page for your business and opt in to getting your updates. And remember, the most effective Facebook pages aren’t constantly trying to sell products. Instead, they are the ones that have positioned themselves as the center of information.

For more strategies on how to promote your health or wellness business on social media, go here. 

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