Should You Be Using User-Generated Content?

Apr 2021

User-generated content, also known as UGC, is defined as anything on the internet that the user took part in making. Examples of UGC could be photos, videos, or even posts shared by a follower. The internet enables brands to have unlimited access to UGC and the ability to reshare their followers’ work on their platforms. Many brands choose to leverage UGC, but some may not be as confident in the process. To learn more about the ins and outs of user-generated content, continue reading! 


How To Use Your Brand’s UGC


Many brands do a great job of repurposing this content onto their social channels to show their followers that they appreciate them and the content they choose to share. This content varies wildly, from fan art dedicated to the brand to customer testimonials speaking highly of the brand or product. Influential brands like Starbucks, GoPro, and Airbnb incorporate UGC regularly by sharing videos and pictures made by their followers. 


It is essential to show your followers and potential customers that you pay attention to what they share and what they have to say. Even giving a customer’s post a Like validates the customer’s feelings and forms a connection with that person – ultimately increasing engagement as well! 


Reposting content from a user that speaks to your brand is an even better way to market yourself and appeal to your followers. Sharing photos or videos taken by your followers adds a level of authenticity to your brand and encourages others to submit their content as well. 


UGC Strategy

One of the best parts about incorporating UGC into your social media strategy is the constant influx of submitted content. Supporters often share their thoughts about brands on social channels; when those thoughts and that content is positive, it’s incredibly effective marketing. By sharing content from followers, you are significantly boosting your credibility and authenticity for your brand. This leads to another big selling point of UGC for your social channels – TRUST!


Any brand or business can share why they think they’re the best choice or better than the rest, but this doesn’t always resonate with the audience. By sharing thoughts, testimonials, or content from customers, the audience has more trust in your brand or product. People want to hear from other people to vet your business – it’s authentic and trustworthy. As you share customers’ thoughts, other potential customers will feel like they can trust you and what you have to offer. 



84% of millennials say on-site user-generated content impacts their buying decisions. 


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