Why Should Your Business Post Consistently on Instagram?

Apr 2021

Why Should Your Business Post Consistently on Instagram? Posting consistently on any social media platform is key if you want to use social media marketing effectively and keep your followers engaged. Instagram is no different when it comes to consistency. Posting regularly will help your business attract more followers and potentially get you new leads. The more you post, the more likely your followers will remember your brand and you will see increased user engagement. Strive to post on your Instagram twice a day, five times a week. Your likes, comments, shares, and followers will increase if you can post quality content frequently and consistently. 

Help Followers Remember Your Company

Instagram has a great tool for businesses that shows when the majority of your followers are active on the platform. You should pay attention to these timeframes and try to post your content then. When you post during these times, you are more likely to be on the top of your followers’ feed when they scroll through the app. Posting two times a day will keep you top of mind with your audience. 

Give Followers More Opportunities to Engage

If you aren’t posting frequently and consistently on Instagram the likelihood of your followers wanting to engage with your content will go down because they aren’t used to seeing your posts. Posting regularly gives your followers more exposure to your brand voice and an opportunity to engage with you multiple times per week. Once followers start to see your posts coming up on their feed twice a day, they’ll get more comfortable interacting with your content. As a bonus, the more you are able to post the better chance you have to find out what your followers like and craft your future posts to help increase the engagement. Not all posts you create will resonate with your followers, so try out different questions, pictures, and hashtags to figure out what works for your audience.


Your company’s Instagram account should be providing followers with posts about your goods or services as well as content that gives them the opportunity to interact with your business on a more personal level. If you’re not giving your Instagram followers something to interact with on their feed every day, why would they continue to follow your account? Make sure your followers can count on you to bring them quality content every time they decide to scroll through Instagram. 


200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.

Do you need to start marketing your company on social media, but aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you’ve been posting content, but can’t seem to get the results you want.

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