Pin It To Win It: Reaching Your Retail Customers On Pinterest

Jun 2015
Photo Credit: @milestostyle
Photo Credit: @milestostyle

The true benefits of using Pinterest are still a mystery to many business owners who just don’t see the value in this particular social media channel. In actuality, Pinterest can help your business grow in many ways, including by driving sales. Not convinced? Well, what if we told you that many of Pinterest’s 72.8 million users are pinning to buy? Amongst all the browsing, searching, and pinning, real purchase transactions are being made every day. According to Pinterest, 93% of pinners are using Pinterest to plan future purchases and 96% are using it to gather product information. So, how can you get pinners to shop your business?

Get Setup For Success

To encourage users to pin your content and buy your product, make it as easy as possible for them. First thing first, make sure you are using a Pinterest for Business account instead of a personal account. A business account allows you to include important contact information, like a company website, and use promoted pins – but more on that later. Allow your customers to pin products directly from your website or online store by adding the Pin It Button to your site. Always include a link to your online shop on product pins.

Pin Your Products

Start by creating Pinterest boards that will reflect your customers’ interests but will also relate to your products. For example, if your business is selling an array of party favors, you may want to create boards that reflect different types of events. A board about weddings could include your most popular wedding favors and still look natural. The more popular and relevant the board category, the more impressions your pins are likely to receive.

Give Your Pins A Boost

To give your pins a competitive edge, consider using Rich Pins. Rich Pins include extra information right on the Pin itself, so there is no need to go searching for further details. A product pin, for example, includes pricing, availability, and where to purchase, making it very convenient for the customer. Rich Pins are also more likely to be pinned and re-pinned, due in part to the added informational value.

Invest In Your Pins

Many business owners who already embrace Pinterest for their business needs understand the added value of Promoted Pins. Ensure that your products are seen by more pinners by using Promoted Pins. Promoted Pins are Pinterest’s own form of advertising. Business owners can pay to have specific pins highlighted and shown to a target audience. Stay tuned for even more advertising options, due to roll out later this summer.

Research has show that Pinterest users not only use the social media channel to plan out purchases, but also to plan big life events that revolve around making purchases, like weddings and home purchases. These behaviors make Pinterest a very valuable tool for product driven businesses. Pin your products and before you know it, they’ll be in the shopping cart and out the door.

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