Overgram: Because A Picture is Worth a Thousand [Cool Looking] Words

Feb 2013

Overgram is a Social Media App for the iPhone that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few weeks. Probably because it’s actually pretty neat. What Overgram allows you to do is to add interesting typography to your photographs. Why is this of any use to anyone besides an art graduate with an iPhone hoping to add book quotes to their pictures of empty benches? Well, there are actually a couple of reasons.


Reason 1: People connect with pictures. There are so many different odds and ends floating around the internet vying for our attention. In the age of the ADD generation, our attention span rivals that of a gnat. By merging your text with an interesting picture using Overgram, you are increasing your chances of getting your message seen.


Reason 2: Facebook Says Pictures are More Important.  Did you know that Facebook actually decides what information shows up on your friends’ Newsfeeds? Using a complicated and technical algorithm (either that or magical elves), Facebook ranks the importance of what you are posting.  Studies have shown that photos are ranked as higher in importance by the algorithm (or the elves) and so are more likely to show up on the Newsfeeds of your fans. Photos also receive 120% more engagement than simple text updates. Time to start using pictures.


Overgram is a simple and fun tool that can help make your messages a bit more exciting and perhaps garner more engagement on your Social Media sites. The pictures of benches look better, too.

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