2013 Super Bowl’s Top 3 Social Media Lessons

Feb 2013
The Ravens may have won the Super Bowl on the field, but Oreo dominated  the game on social media. Thanks for the picture, @sarakarame!

Well, that was an exciting Super Bowl game! In between the Harbaugh family tension, Beyonce’s fierce performance, the blackout, and oh right, the game itself, there was plenty to talk about. And boy, did the world talk! On social media, that is.  This year’s Super Bowl yielded three times as much social media activity than 2012’s game did.  So what did we learn from this year’s super bowl?  Read on to find out:
Google+, who? Ok, not to hate on Google+ or anything, but stats don’t lie: This year, Twitter was mentioned in 50% of the Super Bowl commercials, Facebook at 8%, and Google+  a total of 0 times. What does this mean? It shows that big brands understand that Twitter is their best option for generating quick online conversation around big events. So if you and your business are joining in on the conversation, do so on Twitter, because quite frankly, you won’t reach many people  on G+.

 Talk When Everyone’s TalkingThis graph shows the world’s mobile social media activity throughout the entire Super Bowl game. Notice that activity spiked before the game, at crucial points like the Niners’ first fumble, and during the blackout. During a big event like the Super Bowl, chime into the conversation when something worth talking about is happening, because that’s when everyone else is in the conversation, too. If you’re talking about something trivial while everyone else is watching the game, chances are no one is going to listen.

 The Ravens may have won on the field, but Oreo won the Super Bowl on Social Media: During the blackout, Oreo tweeted this picture.  Their quick-witted photo garnered 15,000 retweets and more than 20,000 likes on Facebook. Oreos and football have little in common, but Oreo was able to put its own creative twist on the event and join in on the conversation, which is something you should always try to do on social media.

What were your favorite social media moments during the 2013 Super Bowl?







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