Online Marketing Tips for Orange County Hotels

Jul 2020

The hospitality industry took a big hit as travel plans around the world were canceled due to the pandemic. As hotels in Orange County reopen, they must communicate with their guests on how they are adhering to the guidelines provided by the CDC and local officials. They also must find new ways to market their hospitality services and bring guests back. 

We’ve gathered some ways that hotels can utilize online marketing to bounce back from these past few challenging months of closure:

Share Promotions

There are many ways to entice guests to return to your hotel. You may want to consider partnering with local restaurants and other relative businesses to create package deals. You can provide discounts for multiple-night stays, create “Refer a friend” deals, or discounts/packages on honeymoons or anniversaries. You can even promote a “staycation” deal for locals in Orange County who had to cancel their upcoming summer travel plans. 

Utilize Online Advertising

Simply posting organically can be difficult when you are up against social media algorithms limiting your reach. Digital advertising is a powerful targeting tool to reach people who may be interested in your services, especially now that users are spending more of their time shopping and doing research online. Many may be potential guests who are dreaming of their next vacation post-pandemic and are searching for their next travel destination. 

You can customize your campaign to reach a specific target audience and gain a better understanding of who your guests are, where they are located, and what they are interested in. Online advertising can help fight the complexity of organic social media algorithms.

Provide Safety Updates

Do you have an email list of your past guests? Newsletters provide businesses with the ability to easily share information, including promotions, contests, and new services. During this transition, you can utilize your newsletter to provide updates on your safety protocols and resources for your guests. A successful newsletter can help inform your customers while also spreading brand awareness and keeping your Orange County hotel top of mind come travel time. 

Not sure where to start? A digital marketing strategy is a great first step towards improving your online presence. 


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