New Year Resolutions for Social Media

Dec 2011

It’s the end of the year soon.  Top 10 lists aplenty and lots of goals for the next year to set, so get off your duff, snap into a Slim Jim and get to it!!!  Here’s a simple primer to help guide your social media goals for 2012.

Set realistic goals

Woe is the person who sets out to tweet 20 times daily and update Facebook multiple times a day.  Said person will tire of a platform, become reliant on another one and accomplish nothing.  Social media is about relationships, you know that.  Now quit being lazy and form a plan, then stick to it.

Don’t get freaked out by all of the new social media platforms

A shiny new toy will approach you.  Everybody will be using it and if you use it first, then you will be the coolest.  Every social media platform is not created equal and is not for everyone.  Some platforms will fail entirely and you’ll look like a sucker for bragging to your friends to get on hi5 or Friendster.  It might be a good fit for you and it might not.  Research it first to see if it matches with your demographics and communication style.

Set aggressive goals

Wait, didn’t you read the first helpful hint?  Yeah, big hoohie, stretch yourself and see what happens.  By going out of your comfort zone you might just hit on a platform or style that you didn’t know was in you.

Do not link your accounts

The business side of Linkedin doesn’t want to broadcast information or photos about your body shots, bad dancing or night out.   If Facebook or twitter are co-mingling with the professional side of you be wary of what you put forth, lest it cost you your job.

Shake it up

Aside from being an under rated release from The Cars, it’s a good mantra.  Because social media is playful, fun and personable you can write what you feel.  For your blog you can write in a different personality, maybe more combative than usual.   Feeling goofy?  Go ahead and make that obscure Macho Man reference that only people 35 and over will get.

Social media is fun.  If you’re in the pool then get around and swim a bit.  You’ll meet new friends; grow your business, as well as your influence, now snap into it!!!


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