Twitter Changes @Mention Tab, Adds Activity Tab

Dec 2011

If you haven’t noticed (or haven’t checked your Twitter account lately), Twitter has made some changes.  They might seem minor in comparison to the overhaul that Facebook recently made, but they affect the user experience.

There are two major changes: They added an ‘activity’ tab, and the @ tab includes additional items.


The activity tab is much like a home feed on Facebook, just without the updates.  It shows when people favorite tweets, follow other users, create lists, and a few other activities as well.  I find it interesting to see who other people are following and lists that people are creating.

The @ tab now not only includes your mentions, but also includes when people follow you and when you are added to lists.

Overall, I find these changes to be extremely helpful in tracking my own activity, as well as the activity of others.  It adds a little robustness to the interface to show not just the updates, but also the activity of other users.

If you are a business owner and are trying to increase your followers, use these tabs to your advantage.  Watch to see if someone mentions you, or adds you to a list, then make sure to thank them!  They are spreading your name to all of their followers, so it’s important to reciprocate.  Also, this allows the actions of people you follow to be a little more visible, meaning  you can know a little more about them, by following their activity.

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