New LinkedIn Ads Targets: Growth Rate & Top Ventures

May 2020

LinkedIn Ads are becoming increasingly more popular for businesses looking to generate new business online. Since it is mainly used in a professional setting, it is especially popular with B2B ventures and companies who are looking to get the attention of senior-level executives. new-linkedin-ads-targets-growth-rate-top-ventures

LinkedIn has been innovating its platform significantly in recent months, in an effort to keep its users engaged and maintaining their #1 position as the most popular professional networking platform. Mimicking features from other popular social media platforms, LinkedIn now has LinkedIn Events, the option to go Live, and most recently added polls to their posting platform. 

Why LinkedIn is Loved by Marketers 

As a digital marketer, I am excited to see all this innovation. It likely means more people will start using the platform and the frequency of usage will go up. This means we have a higher likelihood of getting our ads and content seen. People who may have abandoned their LinkedIn account will update their profile with the industry, position, company they are working at today. This means the LinkedIn Ads targets will also be more accurate. And, in turn, you have an even higher likelihood of reaching the right people!

2 New LinkedIn Ad Targets 

LinkedIn recently added a few more target audience options to its ads platform. The first being Growth Rate – a year over year employee growth rate associated with the company. The growth rate for a company is determined by comparing recent total employee count to the count one year prior. The second target audience option is Company Category,  defined based on publications and industry lists that group companies into specific market segments. 

Below are the specific targeting options associated with these two new LinkedIn Ad targeting options. 

#1 – Company Growth Rate Segments

  • Negative growth companies
  • 0% – 3% company growth
  • 3% – 10% company growth
  • 10% – 20% company growth
  • 20%+ company growth

#2- Company Category Options

  • Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies
  • Fortune 100 Fast Growing Companies (Worldwide)
  • Fortune 500 (US only)
  • Fortune Global 500 (Worldwide)
  • Linkedin News Editors’ Top Companies in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States
  • Linkedin News Editors’ Top Startups: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States

Reasons to Use These Targets in Your LinkedIn Ads Targeting

If you are currently running LinkedIn Ads or are considering running ads, you may benefit from adding these two layers to your ad targeting. Many of our clients have said that their target customer is any Fortune 500 company. In the past, this required a manual process of adding all the Fortune 500 companies to the ads platform. With this new targeting option, this process will be easy! Another example would be if your ideal target audience is a fast-growing company or perhaps the top up-and-coming companies. You can now target them at the click of a button, even across industries or across the world. 

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