How Your OC Hair Salon Can Get Ahead of the Competition When Doors Reopen

May 2020

Governor Newsom reported on Monday that California hair salons may be permitted to reopen in the next few weeks. This means that hundreds of hair salons throughout Orange County will be looking to make back their lost revenue as quickly as possible in a very competitive space.


Is your salon prepared to reopen its doors once Orange County businesses get the OK? We’ve gathered some marketing techniques you can utilize to get ahead of the competition:


Gather Testimonials

When looking for a new hairstylist, the number one thing that potential clients look for are positive reviews. In Orange County especially, hair services can be on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to pricing. Many clients are willing to pay more if the quality of the service matches the price tag. If you are going to charge a competitive rate, you need to provide reviews and testimonials from clients that speak to your abilities and the success of your salon. You can do this by reaching out to clients you’ve built long-term relationships with and asking for testimonials. Then share their positive reviews on your website and social media channels to help build your salon’s credibility. 


Showcase Your Work

When it comes to hair care, clients don’t just want to read your good reviews; they want to see results. One bad hair cut or color can keep someone from stepping foot in a salon ever again. You can help potential clients gain the confidence to book their first appointment by showcasing your best work on your social media channels and on your website. Posting before-and-after photos and videos will give potential customers an idea of your experience level and whether you can give them the results they’re looking for. 


Do More Than Just Hair

What sets you apart from other salons? With the right experience, any business can post positive reviews and impressive before-and-after photos, especially in the Orange County area. With so many salon options for customers to choose from, you need to brainstorm a strategy that will help you stand out. Consider starting a blog or YouTube channel where your stylists can review products and share tips and some of their best before and after stories. You can also share stories of your faithful clients and how you’ve gotten to know them over the years and show how your business is more than a salon; it’s a welcoming community.


Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

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