Marketing to Gen Z

Jan 2021

Generation Z can be described as entrepreneurial, tech-savvy, inclusive, well-informed, and strongly rooted in their values. Gen Z is a remarkable generation that has always known a world of technological conveniences. In this world, the answer to any question is just a YouTube or Google search away. Technology and social media have groomed Gen Z to be bold when it comes to asking questions and finding answers…especially when it comes to your brand.

So what do you need to know to authentically capture this market?


Authenticity is Everything

Generation Z was born with a 6th sense for lack of sincerity. They want to know that your company is exactly who you say you are. They want to know the story behind why you created your brand and what your business is doing to improve people’s lives. Your core values should be evident to your customers and align with their own.  


Be in Touch with Current Events

This generation has always been plugged in and believes that there’s no excuse for being out of touch. With the politically charged climate we live in, it’s important to ensure your posts are not untimely or insensitive. Gen Z is making note of the brands that do and do not adhere to these standards.


Make Sure Your Brand Stands for Something

We now live in an economy where 80% of businesses support a charitable cause. Gen Z has come to expect corporate philanthropy from businesses they shop from. This can be the deciding factor between buying from you and a competitor. If your company decides to support a cause, make sure it’s authentic and aligns with your brand mission. 


It’s About More Than Sales, it’s About Engagement

Gen Z expects your brand to offer more value than your products alone. Do you offer connectivity through relatable content? Do you make an effort to provide tutorials that get them excited? Do you reply enthusiastically to their comments on social media? Your brand should create a digital space that fuels engaging conversation.


Reviews and Referrals 

Gen Z makes an active effort not to pay attention to traditional advertisements. For this reason, brands have prioritized investing in successful review and referral programs


Your Website Should be Easy to Navigate

Poor website management is a sure way to lose Gen Z’s interest fast. If they aren’t able to utilize your homepage, navigation, and filters to find when they need right away, AND check out easily, then forget about converting! An easy-to-use website is crucial to your business.


Gen Z has high expectations, and the brands that make the effort to meet those expectations are going to be the ones who thrive. 

In 2020 Gen Z accounted for 40% of global consumers.


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