Should My Business Take the Plunge into Automated Marketing?

Jan 2021

Automated marketing may sound complicated, but more businesses are opting to use it in their digital marketing strategies. It is a great tool that is a good return-on-investment, makes processes more effective, and gathers data on people who are valuable to your business. 

If you’re unsure about taking the plunge into automation, we’ve listed a few of the top reasons you should invest in automated marketing for your business.


Streamline the Marketing Funnel

People are searching for information, and when they land on your website, automation can help you save time by understanding your leads better. You can connect an automation platform to your website and track the potential of a user’s behavior. This will allow you to develop a more complete profile on visitors to your website and lead them further down the funnel. Additionally, following up with users who didn’t take action after visiting your website can assist in re-engaging people and reducing missed opportunities. 

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Nurture Leads with Personalization

When you follow up with a user, a personalized message could be just the thing that keeps them on board with you throughout their research and purchasing cycle. Personalizing content is a critical factor in nurturing leads. If you want to know what content you’re sharing that’s effective to users automated marketing can help you find out and you can use that to your advantage. Then, you can create and send custom content as they make their way down the funnel. This means you will hit the right person at the right time during their research period and until they are ready to convert.


Analyze Data As You Go

Aside from obtaining qualified leads, you want to make sure that you are reaching your business goals. Automated marketing can help with that as well! First, identify what your goals are and find metrics, or KPIs, that help you achieve them. After you launch your marketing strategy, be sure to monitor data as it comes and adjust as you go. This is an important component of optimizing your time and effort because you’re ensuring that the campaign runs at its best, thus improving your ROI.


megaphone75% of all companies use marketing automation.

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