How To Use Micro-Influencers To Excel In Marketing

Feb 2021

how_to_use_microinfluencersWhen influencers started building momentum as a valuable marketing tool, companies were focused on the big celebrities as growth drivers. 


Businesses were willing to dish out big budgets to get a post or story from one of these individuals, and securing a spot on their feed was seen as a big win for influencer marketing. 


Today, companies are seeing a more valuable return on investment by working with smaller micro-influencers. These people are more accessible to growing businesses and typically have more engaged followings, leading to better takeaways for your business. Discover how your company can use micro-influencers to excel in social media marketing.

Identify Your Marketing Goals

The first step in successfully using micro-influencers in your marketing strategy is to identify what goals you would like to achieve through your partnership. Are you looking to get your name out there through a brand awareness campaign? Are sales the focus of your partnership, and you’re looking for your influencers to bring in leads? The goal of your campaign should determine the types of influencers you choose as well as the content of the sponsored post you want them to share. Additionally, you will need to identify which platform(s) you want to partner with influencers on. While Instagram often comes to top-of-mind when it comes to influencer marketing, platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or blogging can also be great avenues depending on what you would like to achieve.

Do Your Research

To successfully use micro-influencers for your business, you need to choose wisely. Not only will budget and timing expectations be factors in your partnerships, but an influencer’s engagement rate, follower demographics, and niche all play a role in who you choose. Before securing a sponsorship with a micro-influencer, take a look at their past sponsored posts to see if they align with what you’re looking for and make sure you are contacting people who align with your company’s brand image, values, and goals. 

Outline Your Expectations

Once you’ve defined your goals and chosen your influencers, the key to creating content you are mutually happy with is clearly outlining your expectations. Is it important that the product is not only showcased in the image but clearly described in the caption? Make that known. Do you expect certain selling points to be made in the influencer’s content? You need to ensure those expectations are understood. Going through an approval process once you outline initial expectations can be a great way to give the influencer creative freedom but still ensure you are checking all the boxes you need to make the partnership a success for your brand.


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