Marketing Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Apr 2022

marketing-tips-copywritingAs a marketer, you’re likely aware that copywriting is a balancing act. With every website, landing page, or advertisement, you’re writing for two audiences: your human targets, and the SEO AI which crawls Google. Plenty of copywriters tend to get caught in the hamster wheel of SEO, writing according to what they think robots want to see – and while SEO is a major factor in your web copy, it’s not exactly your north star. 

Your web copy should be geared towards your human readers, not robots. By prioritizing elements of the user experience, such as the attention span of your audience, the power of your headlines, and the persuasiveness of your CTA, your conversion rate can leap and bound to new heights. 


Three Marketing Copywriting Tips for More Conversions

To improve the conversion rate of your marketing copy, take these three foundational tips into consideration:


Cater to Short Attention Spans

Ads are everywhere. From billboards and pop-ups to mobile ads that we swear are listening to us, humans have never been so overloaded with information. So, our average attention span has shortened – and for this reason, copywriters need to hook their audience from the beginning. 

To do this, include a hook in the introduction of your social media post, web copy, or advert to grab visitor attention out of the gate. Your opening sentence should be captivating, nurture some level of curiosity, and engage readers enough to scroll through the rest of the content. Then, go into edit mode. Focus on getting rid of extra words and making your copy more concise, since wordiness works against short attention spans. One last step you can take to engage modern audiences is to emphasize the value proposition from the start, so that readers know what to expect from your content. 


Catchy Headlines Rule the Web

Since our attention spans are akin to goldfish nowadays, headlines are everything. Well, 80% of everything, according to recent statistics. Data from Moz suggests that 8/10 readers may read your headline, but only 2/10 will finish reading the rest. In short, the strength of your headline makes a world of difference. 

To make the most of your titles, make a promise to your readers and fulfill it with the rest of your content. Think of your headline as a first impression, while the body continues the conversation. But be sure that your web copy headlines match what’s discussed in the copy, as using clickbait for more traffic will: 1. Devalue the user experience, and 2. Invite SEO ranking consequences from Google and other search engines. 


CTAs Drive Conversions

Perhaps the most important of these marketing copywriting tips is your call-to-action. A persuasive call-to-action doesn’t just direct readers further down the funnel, but has the potential to motivate, inspire, and persuade readers to take some kind of action. You could blatantly tell your readers what to do and how to do it, but a powerful call-to-action should be irresistible. Keep these foundational tips in mind when crafting your CTA:


  1. Be concise, and don’t “beat around the bush,”
  2. Use dynamic, action verbs
  3. Employ a comfortable, conversational tone
  4. Make sure it’s clearly visible


By following these marketing copywriting tips, your CTA will get straight to the point, motivate action with powerful language, and keep readers comfortable enough to receive your message. With these combined elements, your chances for earning an ever-so valuable click are sure to skyrocket. Try it out and see for yourself.

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