LinkedIn’s New Features for Company Pages

Sep 2020

If you aren’t evolving, you’re dying. This seems to be the motto of our social networking-heavy world. 


In early September, LinkedIn released not one, but three new features that are all aimed at helping businesses stay connected with their communities during this unusual time.


Utilizing these new features will help your team stay connected, keep your company aware of who is following you, and get more traction for your events. 


The “My Company” Tab 

This tab was designed to keep your team connected while they’re physically distant. Office water-cooler chats have gone virtual, and this space addresses that gap. 

Physically distant, yet virtually connected. How are you keeping your team connected while remote work continues to be the norm? New LinkedIn company pages features may be a tool to utilize.

The ‘My Company’ tab allows employees to access an employee-only community on LinkedIn. They can celebrate one another (think quick insights on new hires and coworker work anniversaries) and interact with one another by engaging with trending LinkedIn posts from coworkers. 


This feature is in the early stages of rollout, but in the future, members will be able to share organic posts and content curated by your marketing or talent acquisition teams.


The “Followers” Tab

This area breaks down new followers by their names and locations, and conveys overall trends in your company’s followers (Huge increase? Decreasing?). Prior to this tab’s rollout, LinkedIn provided a broader overview of followers, but the information about who was following your company page was not as detailed. 


The “Events” Tab

With social distancing measures in place throughout this year, we’ve witnessed the rise of virtual events. LinkedIn has responded by creating this tab to highlight business events (both live and virtual). While businesses were able to post LinkedIn events in the past, this new tab aims to make it easier than ever for LinkedIn users to quickly find your upcoming events.  


The events tab lives on the side menu to the left of your company page. When clicked, it takes users to a page listing your upcoming and past events. 


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