Should You Use Your Company Culture as A Marketing Tool?

Sep 2020

company_culture_as_a_marketing_toolHuman connection is important, even on social media. In the world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to effectively communicate to your audience that your business is more than just a corporation – it’s made up of real people. To solve this dilemma, many businesses have begun showcasing their employees and company culture to build trust, attract new applicants for jobs, and create a human presence online. Do you have a company culture that would be an effective marketing tool? Here are a few ways to decide:


You should showcase your culture if:

You have excited employees

To effectively use company culture as a marketing tool, you have to fully immerse your culture in the digital world. In today’s environment, most small companies post pictures of their employees on social media. Successfully showcasing your culture requires integrating your employees’ interactions and personalities into your brand image. You should build excitement around employees about being featured on your social media, and encourage them to engage in your posts. This will show your audience that the people in the pictures are humans with real personalities and will help increase your engagement rates. 

You want your people to be part of your brand

Every company’s branding is different. Some want to be serious and educational, while others prefer to present themselves as playful and fun. When it comes to using culture as a marketing tool, you need to be sure your culture matches the brand image you want to express. Bringing the personality of your employees into your branding can add another dimension to your brand image and attract people who fit, but you must first be sure that it makes sense with your goals. For example, if your culture is very professional but your branding is lighthearted and fun, incorporating culture into your social media may confuse your brand image.


Think twice about showcasing your culture if:

You have a high turnover rate

One of the most important factors in successfully using company culture as a marketing or recruiting tool is consistency. To use it in a way that helps your audience feel connected to your business, it is important that they have regular faces and names they can associate with you. If they see an employee featured on your social media, only to call 3 weeks later and discover they no longer work with you, it can negatively impact their perception of your company. Showcasing a variety of employees at different levels is good, but only if you’re confident they will be around for the foreseeable future.


Your Posts Are Misleading

One of the main goals of advertising company culture is to attract new talent. If the way you post about the culture of your company does not accurately reflect your day-to-day, you may mislead applicants. Your company culture should only be used as a marketing tool if your posts accurately represent the experience of working at your company. 


88% of employees believe strong company culture is key to business success.

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