LinkedIn’s Latest Feature Could Improve Communication in Your Business

Aug 2015
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These days, the hardcopy version of your company’s directory is probably as useful as a pack of pencils at an ink-only convention. To keep your business up to the current communication standard – instant messaging – LinkedIn is stepping in. The new tool, known as “Lookup,” is a way for your employees to search, contact and connect with their co-workers. Think of the new technology as a digital directory. LinkedIn wants to eliminate the hassle of updating an employee’s internal and external work profile by giving them this universal platform. To find out if this feature is right for your business, follow the three Ws:

Where Can I find It?

Don’t waste time searching the LinkedIn website to find this new feature. Lookup is a standalone app that can currently be downloaded on Apple iOS and will soon be available on Android smartphones. Lookup is free and at the moment does not feature any advertisements. The professional social network says the new app is meant to encourage conversation between coworkers but not eliminate in person meetings altogether.

Who Should Use It?

The new technology is ideal for growing companies, large corporations, and businesses with multiple locations. The app is bridging communication gaps both literally and figuratively. For example, say an international company is working on a new business proposal and they want to boast the accomplishments of one of their employees but that person can’t immediately be reached because of the time change overseas. With this new app co-workers can instantly lookup the accomplishments their colleague has already listed on their profile. LinkedIn started building Lookup a few months ago, after finding roughly 30% of those surveyed were using the site to search for their co-workers’ profiles.

What Does This Mean For LinkedIn’s Future?

Experts believe this is another step toward making LinkedIn the hub of every business’ internal needs. Back in April, the site launched LinkedIn Elevate as a means for companies to post and share content that can strengthen their brand. The paid mobile and desktop app helps companies find and schedule content related to their business. LinkedIn is also in the midst of developing a tool that will automate the referral process for companies.

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