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Aug 2015
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What’s Relevant This Week in Social Media

While all of the political enthusiasts are keeping an eye on the 2016 election, we’ve been tracking the social media spectrum. Here are the latest updates and trends that could change the way you interact with people online.

Twitter Spreads its Wings

The instantaneous updates on twitter are now being paired with new types of advertisements. The microblogging site announced on Thursday they have broadened their mobile advertising network, known as the “Audience Platform.” Twitter executives are hoping the new feature will continue the monetizing momentum they saw last quarter when ad revenue rose 63% to $452 million. What does this mean for Twitter as you know it? You can expect to see more videos and tweets promoted on the social network.

LinkedIn is Looking Up

Much like the hardcopy version of the Yellow Pages has become obsolete, so has your company’s corporate directory. LinkedIn announced Wednesday they are filling that void by adding your company’s list of employees to their new app called “Lookup.” The new technology will allow users to search, contact and connect with their co-workers through private messaging or email. Experts believe “Lookup” is part of a larger plan for LinkedIn to solve more of companies’ internal needs. LinkedIn is currently developing a tool that will automate the referral process.

Snapchat’s Bad Financial Statements

This week Gawker released a report claiming “Snapchat Lost a Ton of Money Last Year,” $128 million in 11 months to be exact. If the report does prove to be true, this is a huge setback for the company that was once offered a $3 billion buyout from Facebook. Experts still believe the vanishing photo app is not fading into financial ruin. Snapchat started their opt-in advertising program in October, which means the Gawker report only took into account one month of the new advertising revenue.


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