LinkedIn: Best Practices for Your Business

May 2021

LinkedIn is a business networking site for professionals to connect and share content with like-minded individuals in similar industries. LinkedIn is not only beneficial for your personal use but also your business! People can visit your business page, follow the account for updates, and even share your content to their network. This is why it is vital to utilize the full functionality of this platform. 


Setting Up Your Business Page on LinkedIn

To start your business page correctly, you should have a profile picture and a background photo that allows anyone visiting the profile to see your brand’s personality. These photos should not be too busy or wordy – they should catch the eye of the viewer and clearly communicate your brand’s focus. A business profile picture is usually the business’s logo, whereas the background photo might show a “behind the scenes” look into the company, an image from a current campaign, or an event the company participated in. 


The overview or About section should be completed in order to give prospective customers some insight into your business and how things are done. This could speak to core values, a mission statement, or a brief description of what the company does and why they are worth doing business with. Listing your company’s specialties is important, as it can help boost your search results.


Lastly, setting up a custom URL makes it easier for users to navigate to your company’s page and share your profile. This eliminates the random letters and numbers of a standard URL and adds an extra level of professionalism. 


Improving your SEO

To improve search results, implementing keywords in your headline or summary can help users find your profile. You want your business profile to be easily accessible to anyone searching for the industry or keywords that pertain to you. Implementing these tactics can quickly grow your LinkedIn following.


It is important to add links and update your profile regularly. This shows visitors that you are active on the account and lets them know what is going on with your business! Sharing links, blogs, and posts will boost the SEO through LinkedIn. 


Creating Content for LinkedIn

Creating custom content for LinkedIn plays well within the platform. Regularly updating the account is essential, but sharing unique content is even more critical. Videos and photos created for this specific audience that drive to your business site or encourage engagement help boost your business’s profile and create authenticity as a brand.


Showcasing Job Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a job or are looking to hire for your business, LinkedIn provides a job posting function. This provides potential employers and employees with the opportunity to learn more about you or the position offered. Information about the company, salary, job expectations, and other information of that nature is shared with members of the platform. 


Utilizing LinkedIn is a great way to network for yourself as well as for your business. With millions of users and an ever-growing audience – many companies and business professionals have turned to this platform as their trusted source for professional information and connections. 


 LinkedIn is the most trusted social network in the U.S.

73% of social media users at least somewhat agree that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data. Compare that to just 53% for Facebook.


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