Why Storytelling is Crucial to Digital Marketing

Apr 2022

Digital marketing is the most essential tool in the modern business world. If you are not utilizing digital marketing strategies, then you are depriving your business of a streamlined avenue for acquiring consistent leads. But it’s more than posting promotions on social media or sending out monthly newsletters. The goal of a digital marketing team should be to form a connection with your ideal audiences and generate conversions and the most effective strategy we use at KWSM is storytelling. 

Storytelling in Digital Marketing

At KSWM, we apply storytelling holistically. We approach every aspect of digital marketing with a storytelling lens – every piece of copy, graphic, and even the design of our clients’ websites works as a cohesive unit to convey the story of their brand.  Storytelling from a marketing point of view comes down to how we tell the brand’s story and make human connections through digital platforms.

In order to grow your business, you need to be able to communicate who you are as a brand and how your product or service can improve the lives of your customers. Building those relationships comes through trust, informative communication, and human connection.

How Does KWSM Tell Your Story?

As a copywriter, I get to contribute to the messaging of your business. I look at your target audience and determine what language will be most influential to your potential clientele. I also work closely with our digital marketing strategists to identify the best keywords and SEO practices to ensure that my language is not only attention-grabbing for your audience, but also that those words reach your intended audience. 

We work with you as a team to write and present your story in a way that works specifically for your audience. Different kinds of people need different kinds of communication. What holds meaning to one group of people may not hold meaning to another. By learning what types of people compose your target audience, we can adjust how we present your story to attract as many leads as possible. 

The Impact of Storytelling 

Audiences are more likely to engage digitally if they can find a human connection through the screen. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are great resources for lead generation because the content comes from relatable experiences and stories. By implementing that human touch into all aspects of digital marketing, you will see an increase in engagement and leads because people love to hear stories, no matter where those stories come from. 

Do you need help building your brand story?

KWSM exists to help great companies make genuine connections with their customers. We believe good business starts with strong relationships, and the best way to build them is by sharing your story.

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