KWSM Atlanta Volunteers with Open Hand

Jan 2020

There is always a sense of togetherness and goodwill that seems to come with helping those in need, but it becomes all the more special during the holidays.

On the morning of December 23rd, the KWSM Atlanta team stepped aside from our work to volunteer at Open Hand — an organization that prepares, packs, and delivers nearly 5,000 healthy meals each day throughout metro-Atlanta. Each of these meals is provided to those who might otherwise go without in hopes of eliminating disability and untimely death due to nutrition-sensitive chronic diseases.

Upon arriving, we were given a presentation about Open Hand’s mission, the people they serve, and their food-packing process. We were all so inspired, we didn’t even flinch when they brought out the hairnets. We dressed in our sanitation garb (gloves, apron and all) and made our way to the packaging room where we each took our place on the assembly line. 

One by one, we weighed and measured each scoop of our assigned foods so every tray contained the perfect amount. The menu that day was mushroom risotto, a lean beef patty with gravy, and cinnamon apple slices. It smelled like a true Christmas meal!


After about 3 hours of chatting amongst ourselves and making new friends, we stepped back and gazed at our work. By the end of our time slot, our group had filled and packed 2,390 meals! Not only did we enjoy solid quality time with fellow team members, but we also had the opportunity to serve members of the community we love. 

Thank you, Open Hand, for all you do for the people of Metro-Atlanta. It was truly an honor to participate in the good work you do each day!



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