Inviting Your Facebook Friends To Like Your Business Page

Sep 2014

Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook? Are you sharing valuable content on your business page? Think you friends would benefit from knowing about it?

Inviting your Facebook friends to like your business fan page can be useful for both parties when done with good intentions.

Here are three questions to ask yourself before inviting a Facebook friend to like your business fan page:


Are They In The Target Audience?

Your friends are great people right? You’re connected to them on Facebook for a reason. Whether your goal was to keep up to date with their personal or business lives, you either accepted their request or sent one to them. However, when inviting a current Facebook friend to like your business page, liking them isn’t always enough.

Ask yourself if they are in your target audience. Would they like the product or service you are offering if someone else was selling it? Do they use a similar product or service? Or would they want to learn more about it for future use?


Are They Active On Facebook?

If you haven’t logged into Facebook for a couple days you will probably notice your notifications stacking up. You might also see tons invites to like fan pages from your friends or comments on a post you made last week. Notifications can be overwhelming if you aren’t active on Facebook.

You want to be mindful of how active a friend is on the channel before you send an invitation to like your business page. Do you see them posting regularity? Or see they have liked or commented on another user’s post in your newsfeed? These are indications of how active they on the channel. Your friends will be more inclined to accept your invite and engage with your content if they are active Facebook users.


Will They Find Your Content Valuable?

 You know the importance of telling the story of your business. We know you wouldn’t dare post salesy content day after day to isolate your fans. When inviting friends to like your page, determine whether they would find your content informative and entertaining.

Do they care about the topics you are addressing? Would they want to reference the content in their business lives? Or would they refer a friend, client or colleague to your page as an authority on the subject?


Inviting friends to like your business page can be a great tool to build you fan base and engagement. The lines can get blurry though between keeping your personal contacts and your business content separate. Doing this quick analysis before you invite personal friends over to the business page will help you avoid looking like you are spamming your friends and ensures that your business page has engaged fans.

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