3 Signs Your Business Needs Local SEO

Oct 2020

Let’s face it, marketing budgets aren’t bottomless. Your company’s dollars are a limited resource, which is all the more reason to make every dollar count. 

An optimized local SEO strategy can turn those searching for your business online into customers that help your bottom line.

Luckily, in 2020 and beyond, there are many cost-effective ways to elevate your marketing strategy, and one of these is SEO. You already have a website, so investing in a little TLC for it can go a long way for brand recognition, lead generation, and local search results. So, how do you know when it’s time to up your local SEO game?

Your Competition Ranks Higher

An easy test to see where you rank locally for SEO is to Google your company’s industry and then “near me.” For instance, “divorce lawyers near me.” 


See which businesses pop up. Is your business included in those results? If it is, you’re definitely on the right track, but if competitors are beating you out by being listed above you in the results, there’s room for improvement. 

You See a Decrease in Organic Traffic

Search engines like Google are always updating and modifying their algorithms (one of the reasons that SEO should be an ongoing effort for any business). Because of this, your ranking will evolve and change too. If you see one month that you have good organic traffic based on Google Analytics, but the following months there’s a drop off, this is a sign that your SEO ranking may have gone down, especially on a local level. It is important to stay on top of algorithm updates so that you can stay one step ahead of the competition for results. 


Things that will always help you rank higher with the algorithm are consistent website updates and new content like blog posts being consistently added to your website. 

You’re Not Optimized for “Near Me” Searches

Over 30 percent of the time, people who use Google on their mobile device are including “near me” phrasing in their search queries. More significantly, over 50 percent of searches that are done on mobile with the “near me” phrase result in an actual visit to the business or a purchase. In order to appear in these kinds of results (or in Google Maps), your website needs to be optimized to tell Google where exactly you are located. 


Why Understanding Lead Generation is Vital to SuccessForty-six percent of all Google searchers are looking for local results.

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