Content to Inspire Your Business’s TikTok Strategy in 2020 

May 2020

Not only is TikTok one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world, but it also rates as having the highest social media engagement rates per post. As social platforms go, TikTok is relatively new. Since its launch in late 2016, however, it has seen an explosion of growth, that other popular platforms like Instagram took double the time to achieve.

Of the platform’s 37.6 million active US users, 41% are between the ages of 16 and 24 – the valuable and sometimes elusive Gen Z demographic so many marketers scratch their heads over. It’s no wonder TikTok seems like a tempting avenue for so many brands! But if you’re finding it difficult to imagine how to translate a business-oriented social media strategy to this new and sometimes puzzling platform, you’re not alone. Here a few accounts to call on for inspiration.

Capitalize on Unique Content

You probably know by now that authenticity and brand voice are important, but capitalizing on what makes you original is absolutely paramount to success on TikTok. The platform democratizes content more than any other social platform, meaning authentic videos that resonate with people rack up thousands of views and likes, regardless of whether or not the account that published them has a massive following.

The San Diego Zoo, for example, knows that it’s in a unique position to share delightful clips of exotic animals. The account took the opportunity on Mother’s Day to set themselves apart by showcasing mother-baby animal pairs, celebrating motherhood in a way that was both adorable and one-of-a-kind.


Not everyone has access to cute baby elephants, but there are other ways to set your business apart. Nickelodeon remixes original show excerpts and sets them to popular TikTok songs, making the clips feel fresh and relevant even if they’re from shows that are years old. The account also uses popular characters, meme-worthy footage, and behind-the-scenes content of its stars to riff on popular TikTok themes.

Put a Face to a Name

It’s not news that showcasing the people behind your brand can make your business more relatable on social media, but The Washington Post’s Dave Jorgenson, head of the newspaper’s TikTok account, takes things to another level. Personifying the newspaper in a way that is self-aware, a little ridiculous, and slightly reminiscent of your childhood youth pastor, Jorgenson posts content aimed at keeping the newspaper top-of-mind with younger readers. Video topics range from off-kilter commentary on current events to goofy takes on mundane ideas—such as the one in the video below—proving that you don’t always have to talk shop on TikTok to make yourself valuable to your audience.

Collaborate with other Users

If you’re already on social media with your business, the fact that you need to interact with your community isn’t news to you. TikTok does, however, differentiate itself somewhat from other platforms in the ways that users can interact with the content others post. Challenges, duets, lip-syncing to other users’ audio – all of these are ways to participate in constantly-evolving conversations around popular themes on TikTok. 

These users used the “react” feature to author an original duet together:

Meanwhile, superstar Jason Derulo uses a few special effects features built into the TikTok app to playfully give some love to another popular user’s dance video. 

Share Inside Information

Finally, there are plenty of business owners using TikTok to directly promote their work and services. Leann, a jewelry-maker with an e-commerce store, shares videos about giveaways customers can enter, her jewelry-making process, and a few peeks into how she runs her business. In the video below, she highlights her skill and the value in her work by demonstrating how challenging it is for an inexperienced person (in this case, her little sister) to create one of her designs.

How did the photographer who created the photo below get this shot? You don’t have to go further than his TikTok account to find out. He generates interest from fans and potential clients by demonstrating the techniques behind the magic of his iconic photos, gaining millions of views on his posts in the process.

If TikTok is where your customers are, there are a lot of fun and engaging ways to make your business part of the conversations happening there. Use these accounts as a jumping-off point, then spend some time getting to know the platform and figuring out what kind of content will work best for you!

TikTok posts average a 52% engagement rate – higher than any other social media platform.

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