How Video Can Help Lawyers Achieve Digital Marketing Results

Dec 2018

It’s nearly impossible to go through a full 24 hours without seeing a video these days. Video is everywhere, from advertisements, silly cats, tutorials, and of course, TV shows. Let’s focus on the logistics for a minute—why is video so popular? This form of media is easy, engaging, attention-grabbing, and exciting.

Video isn’t just for B2C or e-commerce businesses. Professionals like attorneys, CPAs, and business coaches are just a few that are using video to educate prospective clients, and provide insight into their services, background, and personality.

These are reasons enough to create video content for your platforms. But we have five more benefits of video that will help you achieve specific digital marketing goals.

Reach More People in the Digital Realm

Video is premium content on your social media channels. LinkedIn, the top platform for attorneys and law firms, is seeing a big spike in video on the platform. Additional channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be great for the brand building. When you’re looking to expand your audience and reach ore of your current audience video is the way to go. So, whenever the opportunity presents itself, incorporating video is the way to go.

Make a Great First Impression

When potential clients come across your website or social media pages, chances are they are perusing to get more details about your law firm. When you publish video catalogs of your partners and associates providing advice or introducing themselves, this makes it easier for potentials to get to know you. It also sets you apart from other firms who don’t present this type of eye-catching informative content. Hearing your story and seeing your team member’s personality on-screen may be just what they need to make the decision to sign a contract with your firm.

Share Your Story and Expertise

Potential clients aren’t the only ones that benefit from seeing your team digitally. Video is also a way to provide thought leadership for current clients and position you as an expert in your industry. It’s a way for investors, partners or future employees to get familiar with your brand. Having a range of video content can help you share your values and tell your story, so anyone who encounters your brand online understands the type of firm that you are and exactly what you do.

Create Multifaceted Content

This is one of our favorite benefits of video. You can film footage of one interview, announcement or event and use it in so many ways. It can be placed on your website, in blogs, on YouTube and it can be shared on your social platforms. Repurposing video just requires some creativity and strategy, but it’s more than worth it when you have multiple clips to distribute online.

Another benefit of video is that it comes in various forms. Some videos require people, like interviews, demonstrations, tutorials or verbal testimonies. These are often preferred because the human element connects more with an audience. But there are also text videos that include pictures, animations and music. These can also be tutorials, testimonies, or stories that can be created without filming or recording a person.

Diversify Your Content

The ‘link, copy, image’ formula can get redundant really quickly when someone is scrolling on your feed, especially if you’re sharing long or complex industry articles potential clients may not understand. It’s refreshing to scroll down a feed and see a variety of visuals and it shows that you have a lot of knowledge to share with your audience. Posting videos that present clear messages leaves little to no room for confusion for anyone who comes on your page. And it also gives you a chance to invite them to call if they have questions or want to talk more about the topic of your video.


If you haven’t created video or utilized it much online, it could be time to shake up your strategy and formulate a plan to populate your platforms with the king of all content.


Did you know that 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days?

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